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One response to “Story ideas

  1. Ann Marie Long

    Benton Elementary has decided to destroy its glorious and very old playground Hackberry tree on Friday, the 16th. Supposedly, they have consulted “5-6 experts” who say their “Giving Tree” is diseased and needs to be “removed.” Of course they have not consulted anyone in the business of saving trees, or identifying vigorous crown growth as an indicator of perfect wellness. No, sadly, they have consulted arborists who make their living by chainsaws. So of course the tree needs to be cut.
    Neighbors … will be directly affected by the loss of this great shade tree, as their property is in the path that is shaded every evening by its vast branches. As they watch it leaf out and again begin to shade a large swath of their property and other neighbors, it seems odd to them and myself that such a healthy tree is supposedly such a threat. The large branch that fell recently did so DURING a storm, which is normal for most trees, and the supposition that lightening hit it bears no evidence upon the tree, whereas most hit trees have obvious, definite slash-marks from tip to ground if lightening went through them.
    City forester Chad ______ is due to be on hand on Friday as the elementary has some form of a ceremony for the destruction of this profound, lovely old tree.

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