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I am a city editor at and teach in the Missouri School of Journalism.

We want to hear from you as we look at how we cover Columbia neighborhoods

Dear Readers:

We’re taking a break this summer from updating the Missourian Neighborhood News blog, in part to look at whether this is the best way to showcase neighborhood news for Columbia. We’ll be asking a similar question about the monthly newsletters we e-mail to people who sign up for them.

If you have thoughts on this or ideas about how we can improve, please be in touch. As the editor overseeing the Missourian’s neighborhoods coverage, I’d like very much to hear from you. Some of the things on my mind: Should we include the obituaries of people from your neighborhood in newsletters or on the blog? Should we include your submissions to

Send me an e-mail at I’m in and out of the newsroom until June 27, when I’ll be back full time, but I am reachable by e-mail.

Thanks for your help with story ideas and information about your neighborhoods this year.


Elizabeth Brixey

City editor, Columbia Missourian


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Got a question for the candidates?

Hey folks,

We need your help. As the municipal election gets closer, we’ll be ramping up our coverage of the Columbia City Council and School Board candidates and the issues that are important to you, the voter.

In order for us to help you, though, we need some important information: What issues are on your mind and, more important, what questions do you have for the candidates?

So, give us a heads up by clicking here and submitting your question. We’ll give our best effort to get it answered and have the result featured either here or at

Thanks in advance for your help.

— Patrick Sweet

Assistant City Editor, Columbia Missourian

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Wow, that’s some snow out there

Hey, Columbia, hello.

Your neighborhood reporters for the spring have arrived and are getting oriented. You’ll be hearing more from them soon.

We hope you’re all getting around OK. My snow story of the morning was having to launch my beater Subaru over the snowplow pile at the base of the driveway. I stomped around in it first to make two paths for the wheels.

But I also live on a main street. If you’re on a residential street that you feel hasn’t been well attended, let us know. Send an e-mail to Put “snowed in” in the subject line.


Liz Brixey

City editor, Columbia Missourian

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Happy holidays from the Missourian

Hey, Columbia,

Thanks for your help and contributions to our neighborhoods blog this semester. Our neighborhoods reporters are gone for winter break. We’ll be back in the third week of January. In the meantime, please send your story ideas to or call us at (573) 882-5720.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year.


The Missourian staff

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