We want to hear from you as we look at how we cover Columbia neighborhoods

Dear Readers:

We’re taking a break this summer from updating the Missourian Neighborhood News blog, in part to look at whether this is the best way to showcase neighborhood news for Columbia. We’ll be asking a similar question about the monthly newsletters we e-mail to people who sign up for them.

If you have thoughts on this or ideas about how we can improve, please be in touch. As the editor overseeing the Missourian’s neighborhoods coverage, I’d like very much to hear from you. Some of the things on my mind: Should we include the obituaries of people from your neighborhood in newsletters or on the blog? Should we include your submissions to MyMissourian.com?

Send me an e-mail at brixeye@missouri.edu. I’m in and out of the newsroom until June 27, when I’ll be back full time, but I am reachable by e-mail.

Thanks for your help with story ideas and information about your neighborhoods this year.


Elizabeth Brixey

City editor, Columbia Missourian

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