Parkade Elementary to host Field Day



Parkade Elementary is hosting its annual Field Day from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday, May 13, on the school’s playground and fields.

Field Day activities will include:

  • Scooter Race: Students must navigate through an obstacle course and return to the start line to switch riders.
  • Marble Grab: Groups of four will have one minute to pull as many marbles as they can out of a sandbox using only their feet.
  • Wave on Wave: Students stand in a line with a trash can full of water at one end and an empty bucket on the other. The object is to saturate a sponge with trash can water that will then be passed over each child’s head and then emptied into the empty bucket. The first team to fill the bucket wins.
  • Crazy Cup: A relay race in which each team is given a cup to use to transfer water from a trash can to another bucket ten yards away.
  • Laundry Race: A relay race in which each student wears an oversized pair of shorts, shirt and hat and runs 15 yards around a cone and back, where they will hand the clothing off to the next student.
  • Tug of War: Two teams will be on either side of a rope with a cone in the middle. The first team to pull the other past the cone wins. Teams will play best of seven games or until time expires.
  • Refreshment Station: Students will receive two freeze pops.
  • Drip, Drip, Drop: A twist on Duck, Duck, Goose in which students hold a wet sponge over each child’s head until someone is “goosed” and the wet sponge squeezed on his or her head.
  • Parachute: Children will play with a parachute in two different ways. The first game, “Colors,” has children raise the parachute over their heads until it is filled with air, at which point the supervisor will shout out a color. Any student holding that color must run under the parachute and find another spot of the same color. The second, “Popping Popcorn,” involves placing balls in the center of the parachute and having students shake the parachute slowly at first and then faster so the balls will pop like popcorn.

Commercial partners are working with the school’s cafeteria staff to serve a tailgate-style picnic to the children. The picnic will serve hot dogs and chips from the beds of pickup trucks in the parking lot outside the exterior cafeteria door.

Parking space will be provided by Parkade Baptist Church.

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