The Pasta Factory sees uptick in business at new location



The Pasta Factory, which relocated farther west down Broadway and officially reopened on April 4, is adjusting well to its new spot, co-owner Jenny Dubinski said.

The restaurant, although away from its homey spot in downtown Columbia, has much of the same decór of the previous location to capture its old feel. The ceiling fans, which Dubinski said the restaurant is known for, accent the rustic feel of the space.

Dubinski said that although the move was stressful, sales have doubled as a result. She said the staff sees customers coming in at 11 a.m. for lunch and at 4 p.m. for dinner, which is earlier than what they had seen at the old location.

Dubinski said one of the hardest things to adjust to after 24 years downtown was the smaller space. She said she misses the restaurant’s spot on 1020 E. Broadway, especially the courtyard. She added the adjustment has gone “very well” in general.

Dubinski is not the only one who misses the courtyard. On a recent Thursday afternoon at the restaurant, longtime friends Jean Sparks and Phyllis Morrissey said they miss the courtyard as well.

“The patio was the best one in town,” Sparks said.

It was the women’s first dining at the new location at 3103 W. Broadway. Last summer, they frequented The Pasta Factory at its downtown location once a week for about six weeks in a row with a few friends. Sparks said they always ate on the patio then.

“I think it’s as nice as they could make it,” Sparks said of the new spot. “But is it like downtown? No.”

The two agreed the food and service were as good as they were before, though. Sparks said she usually enjoys a salad for lunch, while Morrissey likes the restaurant’s quiches. She said they are the best in town.

“We were sorry to see them move,” Sparks said. “But the food’s still delicious.”


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