Parkade Elementary held Kindergarten Mother’s Day Tea



Parkade Elementary’s fourth annual Kindergarten Mother’s Tea was held Friday, May 6, at 2:40 p.m. The celebration began in the gym and then moved to the cafeteria.

“Kindergarten Mother’s Tea originally started as a music program for kindergarteners, but now is combined with mother’s day,” kindergarten teacher Brenda Sieber said.

The boys and girls sang songs they learned with their mothers in the gym. Then they moved to the cafeteria where they had cookies and punch or lemonade the children shared with their moms.

The kindergartners made gifts for their mothers including stories, drawings and potted plants.

Sieber said Parkade Elementary had several businesses donate materials for the event. Walmart donated a $25 gift card, Kaldi’s Coffee, Hy-Vee and Gerbes Supermarket donated cookies, and The Home Depot donated flowerpots and plants.


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