Dumpsters to be placed in East Campus through May 16




The Office of Neighborhood Services is taking action this year to prevent trash from piling up in East Campus as students leave the neighborhood. Five dumpsters will be placed throughout the neighborhood for all trash other than tires and major home appliances, said Bill Cantin, response coordinator for the Office of Neighborhood Services.

The dumpsters will be put out on May 5 and will remain in the neighborhoods until May 16 with periodic pickups at each location:

  • Bass Avenue and Anthony Street
  • William Street, north of University Avenue
  • University Avenue and William Street
  • College Avenue and Wilson Avenue
  • Ross Street and William Street

“We’re locating them in strategic enough spots so people won’t have to hoof it too far,” Cantin said. “We hope folks living in the area take advantage of it and keep it clean.”

After the dumpsters are removed, the Office of Neighborhood Services will be taking a survey of the area to assess the amount of trash left for the city to pick up.

“If properties are left in poor condition, we will take note of that and will issue citations and notices for the property owners to take action,” Cantin said.

The Office of Neighborhood Services took the matter to the East Campus Neighborhood Association to ask for their approval and input on the dumpster plan. The original plan sought to place the dumpsters in the neighborhood from May 5 to May 9, but neighbors felt the dumpsters would get more use throughout the week of finals, as students would be exiting the neighborhood. They unanimously voted to have the dumpsters placed in the neighborhood from May 9 through May 16, and the Office of Neighborhood Services decided to include the weekend before finals as well.

“Since it’s the first time, it’s an innovative idea. I thought, ‘Let’s try it,’” said Janet Hammen, chair of the East Campus Neighborhood Association.

The Office of Neighborhood Services will be footing the bill for the dumpsters. They expect it to cost between $1500 and $2000, although that cost could rise depending on the dumpsters’ use.

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