Council to hear request to rezone two East Campus properties



The owners of two neighboring properties in East Campus are asking that they be rezoned to allow an additional tenant.

Right now, the properties at 1405 and 1407 Bouchelle Ave. are zoned as R-1, single-family, which allows only three people not related by blood or marriage to live under one roof. MRZ Properties, which owns 1405 Bouchelle, and Hartman-Baker, which owns 1407, want an R-2 designation, which would allow four unrelated people to live together.

The request is on the Columbia City Council’s agenda Monday evening for first reading, so no discussion or action will occur. The matter comes before the council after the Planning and Zoning Commission split 4-4 over whether to recommend the request be approved.

Read the rest of the story at the Columbia Missourian.


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