Meet your neighbor: Mr. Therapy Man



Josh Hulen wants you to sit on his metaphorical couch.

Helping others with their problems is nothing new to Hulen; his mother is also a therapist.

In 2005, Hulen graduated from MU, earning his M.Ed. in counseling psychology. Although he has only been practicing for six years, to him it seems much longer.

“How long have I being doing therapy?” and after taking a moment to calculate, he said, “All my life.”

With the long lists of titles that now proceed his name, Hulen is legally allowed to put those words into practice. Hulen specializes in strength therapy as a licensed professional therapist and life coach. He thinks professional psychology focuses too much on labeling a mental illness and not enough on a person’s well being. The way therapy was being done needed to change, and Hulen set out to do just that.

A.B.L.E. Counseling Services, Achieving Better Living with Empowerment, is a private practice started by Hulen that offers strength based treatments such as mind and body interventions, biofeedback and mindfulness training.

“I’m really good at working with first time clients and enjoy educating people with this way of therapy,” Hulen said.

This is only the second stage in Hulen’s vision. He would later like to incorporate other healing professions with mental health services.

Two satellite locations have been set up in Jefferson City and Moberly, but Hulen wants to remind neighbors he is never too far away.

“Still in community here for you guys,” he said.


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