Fairview Road Church of Christ wins Hero Award




Superman, Spiderman, Batman stand down. The Fairview neighborhood has its own heroes.

Tuesday, April 12, Fairview Road Church of Christ, 201 S. Fairview Road, won the group volunteer of the year Hero Award. The Hero Awards reception was held at the Stoney Creek Inn, and six other volunteers around Columbia were given similar awards. Thirty-six groups and individuals were recognized that night for their contributions to the community.

“We were excited to be nominated and even more excited to win,” said Brian Hajicek, Church of Christ’s preaching minister, “not so much for the award, but because people are noticing that we’re serving in a way that brings glory to Christ.”

Fairview Road Church of Christ was nominated for the hero award by Amadi Swartz, a volunteer at the Boone County Council on Aging where the church does volunteer work.

“I think what they’re (Church of Christ) doing is unique to the church community,” Swartz said. “I nominated them to create community awareness of how they’re impacting the community for the better.”

The full list of the Hero Award winners.

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