Parkade Baptist Church holds movie for deaf community



Parkade Baptist Church showed an Easter movie designed specifically for the deaf on Saturday, April 16, in the church’s Fellowship Hall. The film told the story of Easter and was translated into American Sign Language by Parkade Baptist’s deaf ministry.

“It was a way to help them celebrate Easter and tell the story,” said Eunice Morrow, Parkade Baptist deaf ministry interpreter. “They were so excited about it and really enjoyed it.”

An interpreter translated the movie into American Sign Language next to the lower left corner of the screen.

“It is better than having captions, because captions are in English and their language is different,” Morrow said. “Their sentence structure isn’t the same. It is much easier and more enjoyable in their own language.”

Morrow said the movie was very well done in the expressions that it used to tell the story. This was the first time Parkade Baptist has shown this movie, and Morrow said there is a strong possibility the church will begin to show it annually.

Parkade Baptist began its deaf ministry in December 2009, when Morrow and her pastor realized that interpreting services was bringing in more of the deaf community. To their knowledge, they were the only church that interpreted the services for the deaf, and they took that as a sign to form a ministry.

Currently, the ministry has about eight attendees.


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  1. Jared

    For those who use sign language as their primary method of communication, having a professional American sign language interpreter is critical to ensure that these individuals have full and equal access to employment, health care, government services and public events.

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