Dairy Queen on Forum finishes interior remodeling




The Dairy Queen at 1201 Forum Blvd., which was closed for remodeling in early March, finished its drive-thru renovation on March 21 and has completed remodeling its interior. Changes include new exterior lighting and new brick and landscaping modifications, which are still underway.

Ryan Reid, who co-owns the restaurant with his wife Michelle, said the changes were made to improve the restaurant’s speed of service.

“We’re pleased with the quality of workmanship that was done,” Reid said. He said the upgrade will help serve customers better.

Alyssa Foster, a manager at the Dairy Queen who has worked there for over seven years, said she likes the changes.

“It looks a lot nicer, and it’s made our lives a lot easier because we have new equipment,” she said. “We’re really excited about it.”

In addition to the physical upgrades, the restaurant will now serve Orange Julius products, which Reid said provides a healthier option for customers.


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