“Would you look at that!” a sign of the times in Benton-Stephens

1406 Windsor St. and the sign that made the address famous.




The homes on Windsor Street embody the quaint vibe of the Benton-Stephens neighborhood, but a passer-by’s gaze might especially linger at 1406 Windsor St.

On the porch of the brick home, which bears a sweet resemblance to a gingerbread house, a wooden sign reads “Enjoy the Day!” What began as an attempt to ward off thieves transformed into a house tradition.

Jonathan Norman, Zach McAllister and Lauren Quillo have lived at there for three years. Last November, McAllister painted bookshelves and a ’40s antique clown for home decor, and he set the bookshelves and the clown on the porch to dry. When he returned to check on the items later that night, the clown was gone.

Norman said that almost immediately, McAllister wrote on the wood where the clown had been drying: “Stop Clowning Around! Don’t Steal!”

“We wanted to send a message to neighbors to watch their backs,” McAllister said.

Neighbors took notice and began to ask questions, and the house became the talk of the neighborhood. The roommates decided to make the best out of a bad situation and began to write positive messages on the board.

“Between the three roommates, we mull over ideas and see what means the most to a passer-by — to make their day or make them smile,” Norman said.

During the fall, the sign served as a reminder to “Watch Out for Falling Leaves.” The next message will be be posted sometime this week.

It will read: “Would You Look at That!”

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