Douglass Park Kite Flying Day will include contest, free kites for kids



The annual Kite Flying Day is returning to Douglass Park, this Saturday, April 9, to encourage families to come out to the parks.

Event organizer Camren Cross, recreation supervisor for Columbia Parks and Recreation, said families don’t do activities together very often anymore, but Kite Flying Day is a chance for them to spend time with each other.

“We want them to go out to do family activities in our parks, to get people out and about, out of the house,” Cross said.

Cross also said Columbia Parks and Recreation will give away kites to kids who don’t have a kite to fly.

“We’ve got plenty in stock to give away, so it just depends on how many show up,” Cross said.

There will also be a contest for the highest-flying kite and the smallest and largest kites that make it off the ground. Cross said the contest winners will receive fancier kites as prizes. The event will be held from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday at Douglass Park Ball Field in Douglas Park, 400 N. Providence Road. Cross said the event will be called off if there is heavy rain or lightning.


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