New cafe holds art contest for year’s worth of free coffee



Local artists are competing to win a year’s worth of free coffee at The Muse Cafe and Gallery, which opened in downtown Columbia in February at 110 Orr St.

The Spontaneous Art Show: “If It Fits, It Shows!” contest will end this Friday, March 25. You can vote until 5 p.m. Friday at the art contest’s Facebook photo album by clicking the “like” button on a photo of any piece of artwork. Entries are displayed on Facebook and inside the cafe.

“At the end of the day Friday, we’ll tally up all the votes on Facebook and then make an announcement,” the cafe’s co-owner Richmond Wheeler said. “I’m sure we’ll have a very excited customer-slash-participant in the show.”

The contest welcomes all types of art, including painting, photography, poetry, prose, music, fiber, blacksmithing, whittling, orthography, cartography and ornithology. It is open to anyone who would like to spontaneously try their hand at a craft, not just professional artists, Wheeler said.

The first place winner will receive free coffee for a year, and the second place winner will get free coffee for a month. A day’s worth of free coffee is defined as up to 20 oz. of the daily roast, which is Grounds for Change coffee.

The art contest is part of a larger mission at The Muse Cafe and Gallery to recognize everyone as an artist and be a gathering place for creative conversations, Wheeler said.

“The collaborative effort of craftsmen, artists and scientists creates a greater Columbia and a greater world,” he said. “And we want to be a place that’s a nexus of that, where all those things, different creative aspects of individuals, overlap and cross.”

“And there can be some cross-pollination of ideas to catapult creative efforts to a new level,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler and his wife, Amanda Wheeler, opened The Muse Cafe and Gallery on Feb. 8 at the former location of Sven’s Kafe & Gallery.

For more details on the contest and how to enter, take a look at the Facebook event page.


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