Pilates studio opens in North Village Arts District




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Laura Detert was working a full-time paralegal job and teaching pilates classes when she realized she had found her calling: teaching pilates. Detert had been coming home from her full-time job feeling drained — much different from how she felt after she taught a pilates class.

“When I came home (from pilates), that just felt so good,” Detert said. “I knew when I came home more refreshed after teaching that I must be doing the right thing.”

Detert’s Open Studio Pilates, 300 Saint James St., Suite 102, opened March 1 in the North Village Arts District.. But to get there, Detert had to take a leap of faith. She left her paralegal job last year to finish her pilates certification, which she completed in November 2010.

Detert’s student Jean Baird, who has taken classes from Detert before, said pilates is an efficient workout. Baird also runs, bikes, plays tennis and golf and does yoga. But out of all her physical activities, Baird recommends pilates for busy people who have only an hour to exercise.

“In 50 minutes to an hour, you can get such a great workout,” Baird said. “You can get a total body workout in a compact amount of time.”

Baird said people will get hooked when they try pilates, which she said is an “energizing and calming” workout.

Detert said she is realistic about opening a new business in a tough economy, noting that she would be happy to break even financially. But so far, Detert said her business is going well, already greatly exceeding her sales goal for the month of March.

“I’m willing to take that risk to have that job, when I leave feeling better than when I came,”she said.


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