Missionary Tait speaks at Victory Christian Church




Ivan Tait, a missionary and good friend of Pastor Mark Putnam of Victory Christian Church, spoke to the congregation five times starting Sunday, March 13.

Tait’s sermon on Wednesday evening, March 16, was about passion.

“Passion brings divine clarity to your life,” Tait said.

The congregation was enthusiastic about Tait’s message. People broke in from time to time with “Hallelujahs” and “Amen” when Tait said something that especially resonated.

“We chase what we desire so we have to make sure we’re close to God,” Tait told the congregation, “so we can chase the right thing.”

Tait is planning a mission to Africa in September to help an orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya. There are 1,500 children at the orphanage now, and 800 more are coming, according to Tait.

The church is raising money to send Putnam on the mission trip as well. Putnam has been on several missions with Tait before. He’s gone to Guatemala, Russia and part of South America.

Tait speaks at churches such as Victory around the world, spreading his message and raising money for his mission.

“He ministers, and if people feel touched by his ministries, they help him with what he’s doing,” said Brian Jackson, Putnam’s assistant.


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