Spring weather draws many to Albert-Oakland Park

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Sunshine and temperatures warm enough to go out in shirtsleeves drew many to Albert-Oakland Park on Saturday, March 12.

Cedric Gordon brought his stepkids and Zouie the Yorkie poodle out to enjoy the day. He walked Zouie while Savana Gooldy, 7, and Devon Ray, 4, rode their bikes.

Savana and Gordon kept an eye on Devon as he rode a red bike with training wheels. Savana’s bike was light pink, the same color as her helmet, shirt and shoes.

When Devon stopped pedaling and stood up, Savana told him, “You gotta keep on practicing and you’ll have a big bike like this.”

Gordon’s stepsons Gavin Gooldy, 12, and Austin Gooldy, 16, were playing basketball nearby with Antwon Turnage, 14. All three lived within walking distance of the park.

“The weather’s been bad, so we haven’t been out here, but I’m here every day normally,” said Antwon.
At least two baseball teams had practice on the fields behind Oakland Junior High. Kris Montano, whose son was a member of a U-14 team on the Diamond Council League, said it was their first practice of the year.

Team members said they had hoped the fields would be dry, but they were still slightly damp.

MU student David Bage was out playing Frisbee with his brother Brian Bage, an MU alumni.

The Bage brothers weren’t the only ones out with Frisbees. On the disc golf course, Keith Amerson and several other members of the Columbia Disc Golf Club were out practicing.

They went from metal basket to metal basket with bags full of Frisbees in a rainbow of colors. Rather than throwing the Frisbee back and forth, they aimed for the baskets.

The nice weather made things easier, but the disc golf club comes out to practice no matter the temperature. They play in tournaments and practice year round.

Crystal Kollock, 2, and Allison Kollock, 4, rode to the playground in style. Their pit bull, Honey,  pulled them along in a red plastic wagon.

“He likes to play with the other dogs, but their owners don’t like it because he is a pit bull,” their mother, Brenda Kollock, said in Spanish. “This is a good way for him to get his exercise.”

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