Columbia Mother Singers carry on tradition



Columbia Mother Singers might be one of kind. Mother Singers groups were formed all over the country through the national PTA decades ago, but Sally Stucker, president of the Columbia Mother Singers, said that to her knowledge the Columbia group is the only one left.

Columbia Mother Singers are a group of 45 women and was formed 65 years ago. The group was scheduled to perform at Parkade Elementary School on Thursday morning, March 10.

Stucker said the purpose of Columbia Mother Singers is “to share a love of music and to entertain and educate the kids on different kinds of music.”

Columbia Mother Singers tour all Columbia elementary schools over 10 weeks. They perform at two schools per week singing a wide array of music including folk and patriotic songs.

“We always have a patriotic song to show respect for our country and to show how important it is to love our country,” Stucker said.

“We’ve brought several different kinds of music to the children,” she said. “We have a song called ‘The Inch Worm’ which is from the 1950s and we also have a song called ‘Recycling Round,’ which is very current this year.”

There are two requirements for joining Columbia Mother Singers: to be a mother and to love to sing.

“Several of our members have been part of our group for a long time, but we have some new members and we’re always looking for younger members,” Stucker said. “It’s a very close knit group — many of us have known each other for years and we’re like a family.”


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