Dairy Queen on Forum will reopen soon after needed face-lift




The Dairy Queen on Forum Boulevard at Stadium Boulevard is undergoing remodeling this week. Michelle Reid, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Ryan, said it is in need of a face-lift.

Both interior and exterior changes will be made to the restaurant over the next week, Reid said. Interior changes include new tiling and expansion of the kitchen.

The remodeling will create a more comfortable atmosphere for customers to congregate in the lobby, she said.

Outside updates to the restaurant are new lighting, new brick and landscaping changes, Reid said.

The Dairy Queen on Forum Boulevard was the first of three Dairy Queens purchased by Reid and her husband. The last remodeling of this location was in 1997. The couple also owns the Fayette and Columbia Mall Dairy Queen locations.

In addition to these visual upgrades, the restaurant will also begin serving Orange Julius products, which includes fruit drinks, smoothies and snacks and is offered already at the Columbia Mall location.

“Our projection is that we hope to better serve customers and just give them more variety,” Reid said of the remodeling and menu additions.

Reid said she is hoping to reopen by the middle of next week.


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