Author Kathleen Norris inspires church members before Lent



As she stood at the pulpit of Broadway Christian Church on Sunday, March 6, Kathleen Norris frankly shared her struggles about caring for her husband, David Dwyer — wiping his behind, emptying his urinals and sponge-bathing him before his death.

Her sermon, “Good for Us to Be Here,” was based on words the apostle Peter spoke after he saw Jesus revealed as God’s son, a biblical passage known as the Transfiguration. Norris reflected on times when it was hard to see it was “good for us to be here.”

“I was glad David was alive, but ‘good for us to be here’ was not exactly at the tip of my tongue,” Norris said dryly, causing the congregation to break out in laughter.

Norris, a Christian poet and a New York Times best-selling author of books such as “Dakota: A Spiritual Geography” and “The Cloister Walk,” is known for her thoughtful meditations and wit. She came to Broadway Christian Church over the weekend to lead a workshop on acedia, or spiritual indifference, and preach at the Transfiguration service.

Read the full story at the Columbia Missourian.


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