Land acquisition still in the works for Clyde Wilson Memorial Park



The East Campus Neighborhood Association is waiting on three appraisals of the 1.2-acre parcel it is looking to purchase. The land is next to the Clyde Wilson Memorial Park, formerly Rockhill Park, and will be incorporated into the park.

Three appraisals will be taken into consideration during the acquisition process:

  • The parcel owner’s appraisal
  • The city’s appraisal
  • The East Campus Neighborhood Association’s appraisal

The deadline for the land purchase is July 2011, but residents of the neighborhood are confident they will have enough money to purchase the land before then.

Paul Wallace, board member of the East Campus Neighborhood Association, said the land parcel’s most recent appraisal is three years old.

“It is probably better for everyone to have current appraisals,” Wallace said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to negotiate with the person who owns it.”

Wallace said the association has raised $23,000 of a $60,000 goal and is hoping for assistance from the city’s park acquisition fund.


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