Grant Elementary gym closed temporarily



Due to a leaking steam pipe, Grant Elementary School temporarily closed its gym and stage Saturday morning, Feb. 26.

Principal Beverly Borduin sent an e-mail to Grant families Sunday morning, Feb. 27, explaining the situation.

“Extra steam from the pipe caused the underside of the stage floor to get wet with condensation,” Borduin said in the e-mail. “There is now a strong mildew smell in the gym from the extra moisture, and we want to be sure the problem is fixed before we use the gym for P.E. and for breakfast and lunch.”

On Friday, Feb. 25, Building Services fixed the pipe and set up an exhaust system to dry the tunnels and stage.

Because the gym is used for breakfast, lunch and P.E., some changes around the school have been necessary. Breakfast, lunch and Adventure Club have been moved to different rooms, P.E. is being held in classrooms or outside, weather permitting, and evening basketball practices in the gym have been canceled, the e-mail stated.

Still, air is being kept in circulation throughout the hallways, and windows are open for fresh air. There is no mildew smell in the classrooms.

“We will keep student learning as the focus even when we close down the gym for a while,” Borduin said in her e-mail.

An air quality test was done Friday, Feb. 25, and results are expected within the next few days, the e-mail stated. Further decisions about the use of the gym and solutions to the wet wood will be made after the results are returned.


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