Benton-Stephens community garden brings neighbors together



Ten neighbors gathered Saturday, Feb. 19, at 1601 Windsor St. to discuss plans for this seasons community garden.

The meeting took place at community garden leader, Kip Kendrick’s house at 11 a.m and, in neighborly fashion, each neighbor prepared a dish to be served.

The room was filled with years of gardening experience. Garden communicator Kathy Doisy has been gardening for the past 34 years, but this is the first year she will have a plot in the Benton-Stephens community garden.

“It’s good for any neighborhood to have a garden, it’s gets people of all ages together,” Doisy said.

The garden was started in 2007 and this year will mark its fifth growing season. The garden will consist of an herb garden, strawberry patch and possibly a corn plot.

In the past, the garden was all communal,but due to the high turnover of gardeners, it will be all individual plots this year.

Neighbors are welcome to garden as long as they follow these guidelines:

1. Crops should not interfere with other plots

2. Limited use of chemicals in planting

3. Turn off water and put away tools after use

4. No growing of illegal substances

A poster on “How to Build Community” hangs beside the door of Kendrick’s home lists “Garden Together” as one way to build community.

“A community garden is a great community building project, and a great way to get neighbors involved for a common cause,” Kendrick said.


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