Jefferson Junior honors 100-year history at chili supper

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Old yearbooks, newspaper clippings and artifacts from the 100-year-old Jefferson Junior High School building were on display at the school Thursday night. There was a catapult project from around 1930 and a civil defense helmet from the 1950s and 60s, when the building was a fallout shelter.

Parents, students, teachers and alumni stopped by the display as the jazz band played in the cafeteria.

“I think it’s pretty neat there’s a building this old still in use,” parent Lisa Franke said. “It’s neat to see some of the history.”

The chili supper raises funds for the school every year at the end of the basketball season, but this year the event also celebrated the 100-year history of the school’s building. The Jefferson Junior High School building was originally Columbia High School, which opened in January 1911.

“I think it’s cool to be in a school that’s been here 100 years,” said Jefferson Junior student Colton Franke, son of Lisa Franke.

Rock Bridge High School senior Missy Wheeler said returning to Jefferson Junior stirred many memories of good times spent with her friends and playing basketball.

“It’s also good to see my old teachers again, and tell them what I’ve accomplished because of them,” said Wheeler, who will attend Louisiana State University next year.

Principal Greg Caine said former students and faculty come back for many events every year.

“Once you’re part of Jefferson Junior, you’re part of something that’s bigger than yourself,” Caine said.

The evening concluded with a choir concert in the auditorium.


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