Pets take photos with Santa at Lizzi and Rocco’s


Groups of people gathered at Lizzi and Rocco’s Natural Pet Market on Sunday, Dec. 12 for pictures with Santa. This time, though, instead of little kids sitting on his lap, it was dogs, cats, birds and chinchillas.

“I brought my two dogs, Lucy and Brandon. They’re both rescue dogs,” Megan Coburn said. “One from Second Chance and one from the humane society, so I came here for the fundraiser today. I also volunteer for Second Chance.”

Lizzi and Rocco’s held “Pet Photos with Santa” on Dec. 5 and 12. The events were fundraisers and raised money for Columbia Second Chance and the Central Missouri Humane Society.

Each set of photos was $10, and an additional sheet of photos was $5. Kyle Schlosser, who owns the store with his wife, Jessica, said that a little less than $1,000 was raised. Lizzi and Rocco’s hosts similar events a few times during the year.

There is no limit on the amount, or type, of animal you can bring in to have it’s picture taken. In the beginning of the day, an owner brought in all of their seven dogs at once to take photos. Lizzi and Rocco’s staff says they can capture photos of even the most unruly and hyper animals.  Santa even took photos with a talking African Grey parrot.

“I was also the Easter Bunny this year,” said Jeff Trotter (a.k.a. Santa). “I love doing this. It’s fun for me because pets are absolutely members of the family in every possible sense of the word.”


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