Holiday Fire Prevention Guide


While holiday ornaments might seem like a harmless part of the holiday season, the National Fire Prevention Association and the U.S. Fire Administration urges residents to be careful when decorating homes.

The following tips help ensure safety and create enjoyable holiday season:

1. Christmas Tree:

  • Christmas trees can be fire hazard if they are too dry, so make sure the tree is freshly cut
  • Don’t put the tree close to a radiator or fireplace
  • When disposing the tree, take it to a recycling center instead of burning it in a fireplace or wood-burning stove

2. Holiday Lights and Candles:

  • Make sure the lights are in good condition before putting them up. There could be gaps in the insulation or frayed wires from the wear and tear of previous years.
  • Don’t link more than three light strands to avoid electric overload
  • Don’t put lit candles on the Christmas tree or close to it

3. Holiday Decorations:

  • Make sure your decorations and artificial Christmas tree are nonflammable
  • Don’t block exits with holiday decorations
  • Don’t dispose wrapping paper by burning it in the fireplace

For more information visit the official U.S. Fire Administration website.


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