Russell Boulevard holds school geography bee

Picture provided by Armon Yanders (From left to right) Mia Dina, third place, Ben Lewandowski, first place, and Katie Whaley, third place, pose after Russell Boulevard Elementary's fourth and fifth grade school geography bee.

College Park–West Boulevard


Do you know what state holds a national frog jumping contest during the annual Tom Sawyer Days?

Russell Boulevard Elementary School’s fourth and fifth graders might.

On Friday, Dec. 10 the school held its annual championship school geography bee. Seven finalists were quizzed on their geographical knowledge of the United States and worldwide.

Cindy Hobbs, fifth grade teacher at Russell Boulevard, said that the preliminary round was held in each fourth and fifth grade classroom earlier this year.

“We don’t prepare for this really at all during class time. It’s more of just a fun thing to do that involves learning,” said Hobbs.

Students were encouraged to study off of the National Geographic Bee website.

The Golden K Kiwanis Club provided the school contest packet, which contains the instructions, questions, and a medal to provide to the first place winner. It also paid the school’s entrance fee. Armon Yanders, a member of Golden K, was present to help with judging.

“The Golden K has a commitment to young children. I am happy to help,” said Yanders.

The winner of the championship round may qualify for the state-level bee if he or she answered enough questions correctly. The top 100 students from each state are selected to represent his or her school.

State qualifiers compete in an oral competition, which will be held in late March or early April. The location has not been determined.

Congratulations to the 7 finalists:

Mia Dina – third place

Tony Gan

Ben Lewandowski – first place

Kiran MacLeod

Chris Mance

Phoenix McGinty

Katie Whaley – second place


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