Neighborhood association meetings return after hiatus



The Benton-Stephens neighborhood association held its first meeting of the winter on Saturday, Dec. 4; it had been on a hiatus since June.

In the past, meetings took place at the home of neighborhood association President Kip Kendrick on the first Saturday of each month.

Kendrick explained that busy schedules interfered with the routine. He described the recent meeting as “mostly people just catching up.”

The neighborhood wil hold an election for a new president early next year to determine who will take over Kendrick’s responsibilities.  He pointed to current secretary Kathy Noisy as a worthy candidate to take the job.

“I’m aware that several people think I’ll be the president, but as I keep pointing out to them, it is an elected position,” she said.

Should she be elected, Noisy said her priorities would remain consistent with those of the past, which she described as “promoting community spirit in the Benton-Stephens neighborhood.”

“We love this neighborhood and think our neighbors are some of the best around,” Noisy said. “Our hope is that others will realize that the Benton-Stephens neighborhood is more than a “starter-home” neighborhood and make plans to stay long-term also.”

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