Kids’ Worship goes center stage at Memorial Baptist Church



The Memorial Baptist Church held a special performance Dec. 5 with children aged 4 years old through to fifth grade participating in a Kids’ Worship drama program and art show.

The show was in production for three months, and consisted of two dramatic  performances and artwork reflecting the scripture of the church.

The first play was called “Animals of the Manger,” performed by the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten-aged group.  The first through fifth grade group followed with a comedy entitled “A Not So Silent Night,”, also set around the manger. It centered on a grumpy cow that was frustrated because her sleep was being interrupted by characters Mary and Joseph.

“The kids did art for five weeks, and then started drama the first week in October,” said the Rev. Randy Schilb, the church’s minister of music. “The kids had different costumes for each of the animals. It was really nice.”

Kids’ Worship is a weekly group where kids can “learn and practice fun, Christ-centered songs while also learning foundational Scripture lessons and Bible verses,” according to the church website.

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