New Haven holds holiday food drive


This month, New Haven Elementary is continuing its food drive to help families through the holidays. The drive began in November.

The food drive is sponsored by New Haven and the student council, and the items that are gathered will be distributed to school families.

Boxes have been placed in front of the school to collect items as students and families bring them in.  The aim is to provide support for 10 families.

Although the focus of the food drive is to provide food for the families, toiletries such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, laundry detergent, diapers, and other expensive items are also greatly appreciated.

Once enough food has been collected, members of the student council will help divide it up.  Food is distributed to families by the number of children that they have.

Meals are distributed to the families discreetly while the children are at school.  The children of the families do not know that they are the recipients of the food donations.

“A lot of kids that bring in food are kids that receive the food,” said Janell Tallmage, secretary at New Haven.  “They want to be a part of the food drive.”

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