SLIDESHOW: 27th Annual Holiday Home Tour


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Four Columbia homes were featured in the 27th Annual Holiday Home Tour Saturday, Dec. 4. The self-guided tour presented some of Columbia’s most unique and festively decorated homes.

The tour was presented by the Women’s Symphony League of the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts.

“The homes are usually discovered by word of mouth,” said Georgia Morehouse, a member of the House Election Committee.

The committee will ask the home owner if they are interested in featuring their house after the committee looks through the house to make sure the layout works.

Janie Bohon, the owner of one of the featured homes, was keen to be part of the tour.

“A friend of mine talked with a lady who works with the Symphony,” Bohon said. “They went through the house and then asked if I’d like to show it in the tour. I said ‘yes’.”

The Home Tour will continue through Sunday, Dec. 5. Columbia residents can tour the selected homes from noon through 4 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at any of the homes or Tiger Place, which serves as the tour headquarters.

Featured homes:

-Sudhir and Priya Batchu

-Russell and Mary Still

-Robert and Janie Bohon

-Helen and Douglas Anthony

A map and directions to the homes are provided at Tiger Place.


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