Review of crimes reported on East Campus, June-November

East Campus


East Campus neighborhood saw a spike in criminal activity during the months of September and October, according to statistics obtained from CrimeReports, a website that maps crime data geographically.

Statistics collected over a six-month period from June 3 to Dec. 3, 2010, show that 193 crimes were reported in the East Campus neighborhood. Of these, almost half were reported during the months of September and October — 23 percent in September and 24 percent in October.

Number, types of crimes reported

Heading the list: Property crimes, liquor law violations and miscellaneous crimes that included court order violations, code violations and other unclassified activities.

Over the six months, 31 reports were made for property damage and 31 for liquor law violations. In the data were two reports of forcible rape and two of indecent exposure and three reports of vandalism.

Thirteen percent of the total 193 reports were related to public disorder (such as peace disturbance calls, harassment reports and reports of fireworks) while 12 percent were traffic incidents.

Location of crime reports

Rosemary Lane had the highest percentage of criminal activity during the six months with 21 percent of the reports originating there. University Avenue had 33 reported incidents, which made up 17 percent of the total. In addition, incidents reported on Ross Street (13 percent) and South College Avenue (11 percent) contributed the bulk of the crime reports.


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