Handmade gifts, goodies at Sacred Heart’s Christmas Bazaar

East Campus



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Pet baskets, Mizzou koozies, sports tickets and Christmas goodies were just some of the items on sale at Sacred Heart Catholic Church’s Christmas Bazaar.

A year of planning and hard work culminated in the annual bazaar, held Dec 3 and 4 in the church activity building, Locust and Waugh streets.

Pat Andrews, one of the co-chairs of the Sacred Heart Bazaar Committee, said all items were either hand-made by parishioners or donated.

“We asked people to contribute jewelry, books and other items,” she said. The jewelry stall is extremely popular.

One of the most colorful sections, mainly black and yellow, was the Mizzou-themed table.

Barbara Kingsley, another co-chair, explained some of the more eccentric items on sale, such as “Floozie Koozies,” drink holders made of fabric and fur.

“My granddaughter Lucy made silly ones for her gymnastics class and they called them ‘Floozie Koozies’,” Kingsley said. “That’s where I got the idea.”

Photo postcards of the MU campus, all made by Kingsley, were on sale too.

The bazaar also included a silent auction, book sale and leftover items from the previous year at half price.

The auction featured four 50-yard line seats for Sunday’s Chiefs game, Christmas ornaments from the White House and a giant beer pitcher from Broadway Brewery with 12 free refills.

All proceeds support church projects, Doris Crites, committee chairwoman, said. The church raised roughly $19,000 last year, she said.

“The money is spent on food drives, dinners for the unfortunate on Easter, and some of it goes to maintenance of the church,” Crites said.

Crites has been the chairperson of the committee for almost 20 years and was a member before that.

After a year’s worth of effort by a large group,the women summed up their feelings on opening day.

“Tired,” Andrews said.

“Calm,” Crites said.


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