Local holiday tree gets new home



COLUMBIA — As usual, Columbia’s Magic Tree made its debut in time for Thanksgiving Day viewing, covered in thousands of twinkling lights. But it has found a new home.

For the past 15 years the Magic Tree, a tree covered in holiday lights, was located at the home of its creator, Randy Fletcher. Fletcher lives at 303 Hickman Drive. People flocked to the tree each year, which caused some traffic problems in the area.

“The road was just getting completely jammed with people,” Fletcher said. The lights on the tree were also adding about $300 to his electricity bill each month they were on.

Fletcher, who prefers to be known as “Will Treelighter” in context of the tree, said the Cherry Hill Business Association approached him in 2009 about decorating a different tree that was located in their town square.

“We didn’t call it the Magic Tree last year,” he said.

The association was pleased with last year’s work and offered to host the same tree this year and pay the costs of lighting it.

“This year it’s the official Magic Tree,” Fletcher said. He positioned a sign in his front yard to alert its fans of the move.

Over the past couple of weeks, Fletcher spent a total of 40 hours covering the 16-foot cherry tree with 37,500 of his own lights. The tree is located near the corner of Jubilee Street and Corona Road in the Village of Cherry Hill. About 50 feet across the lawn sits a sister tree.

According to Fletcher, the sister tree, an evergreen, took about three hours to complete. It is covered bottom to top with 1,500 lights and has a few dozen claiming space near the peak. Both it and the official Magic Tree have lights that change color in unison from blue to green.

The Magic Tree will have its official tree lighting during the Village of Cherry Hill’s Holiday Festival on Dec. 2, but as of Nov. 23 its lights are available for viewing each night from about 5 to 11 p.m.

Fletcher anticipates that the Magic Tree will remain in its new location. He said he looks forward to it growing bigger each year so he can add additional lights. The 16th annual incarnation of the Magic Tree and its evergreen sister will remain up through Jan. 6.


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