Parkade PTA Meeting Minutes



Below are the official minutes from the Nov. 16 Parkade Elementary PTA Meeting, according to the Parkade blog:

1. Sign in. See sheet.

2. Approved minutes from 10/22/10 mini-meeting. Approved September meeting’s minutes. Amy Watkins motioned to approve; Kara Rohr seconds.

3. Walking School Bus may start up again—still getting more information on this.

4. Approved updated budget. Robin Smith motioned to approve; Carrie Freeman seconds. Updated budget includes simplified line item for money for all teaching staff, allowing each grade level and specials teachers to request up to $500 for any project, field trips, events, supplies, etc. Teachers must have copies of receipts given to PTA and request must be approved by the PTA board at least 10 days prior to needing money. Teachers can be reimbursed or a check can be written directly to the company. Operation School Bell is a new line item added on the budget which funds payment for busses to transport students participating with this
program. Papa John’s and Barnes and Noble were removed as line items under revenue.

5. Follow-up on the fall Scholastic book fair was discussed. Amy Watkins and possibly others will Stop by the Scholastic Warehouse during their next sale Nov. 30th-Dec. 3rd to purchase books for the students using Scholastic Dollars raised during the fair. The goal is for each student to receive a free book in the spring and to also start stock-piling books to give each child a book for
their birthday (or half-birthday) in the future.

6. January meeting will be on the 18th at 5:15 p.m. Representatives from Away With Words and Numbers will come to speak for the first ten minutes or so of the meeting. We will also start compiling donation lists for the Spring Festival at the January meeting.

7. Vice Principal report: December 17th will be Santa’s Workshop when the holiday bags will be filled. (Items will be wrapped and packed all day at school.) Amy Larson, Robin Smith and Kerry Hayward will meet to purchase some of the items still needed for this project. PTA and PIE fund and help with this project for low income families in our school.

8. Amy Watkins will follow up with our school nurse, Cecilia Glynn’s, request for help to sort donated clothes.

9. Principal report: Since grade level teachers are departmentalizing and teaming up for conferences it is suggested that the meals PTA provided the week of conferences be provided only one night (Thursday vs. Friday) so that more staff will be present to enjoy the meal, or provide one during kick off of conferences and then on Thursday night. Mrs. Watkins presented the School Improvement Plan, shared data and asked for input. It was also noted that the winter program (holiday concert) will be Dec. 16th at 7:00 p.m. There will also be a performance at 2:30 p.m. that afternoon where the whole school will attend. Both performances will be at Parkade Baptist Church.

10. Meeting adjourned.


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