EVENT: AHA Symposium



Pickard Hall will host the Department of Art History and Archaeology Symposium Tuesday, Nov. 16 through Wednesday, Nov. 17 from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

The event will include presentations of student research by members of the department’s honors program. Receptions will precede each night at 4:15 p.m. in the Cast Gallery.

Tuesday’s lineup:

  • Mary Conley, “An Opaque Past: Uncovering the Origin of a Janiform Glass Amulet”
  • Aimée Koon, “Confronting Xenophobia in the High Arts of Eighteenth-Century Europe: A Look at Cochin’s L’Amour au Théâtre Italien”
  • Cami Garland, “Economy and Fashion: Interpretation of a Byzantine Glass Bracelet”
  • Nicole Mramor, “The Tenuous Harmony of Opposites: A Dualistic Reading of Joel Janowitz’s Inside and Out (Umbria)”

Wednesday’s lineup:

  • Lyria Bartlett, “Conflict and Tension at Greenwood”
  • Kristen Harris, “The Social and Instructional Functions of Albrecht Dürer’s The Martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandria in the Eighteenth Century”
  • Megan Roberts, “Establishing Polish Identity: Jan Berdyszak’s In Silence”
  • Stephanie Kimmey, “The Goddess and Her Missing Leg”
  • Kim Nochi,  “Halfway between two shores”: Rolando Estévez’s La Silla

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