Woodcrest to open $2 million student ministries building

The new student ministries building at Woodcrest Chapel, complete with a climbing wall on the outside.



Woodcrest church on West Nifong Boulevard sits atop 10 acres of land, and the church hopes to fill that space to the maximum.

Woodcrest is one of the largest churches in Columbia. It serves about 120 to 150 children in its youth services, and about 2,200 in its weekend adult services.

The church is about to open a new student ministries building that cost about $2 million. The money for the building was collected from the church’s “Fast Forward Initiative,” in which about 500 members pledged donations.

The building has three levels, with a gym on the first level, a mezzanine lounge with a video game station and cafe on the second level, and a loft for youth services on the third level. There is also a climbing wall on the outside of the building.

“We’re trying to create an environment for our youth to hear truth,” said Marshall Robb, the director of student ministries and sports and rec. “We hope to give them a solid foundation from healthy people and a healthy environment.”

Its outreach activities include youth basketball leagues, and adult basketball, dodgeball and volleyball leagues. The new building will be used for these activities. Space for these leagues was one of the reasons to build the new facility.

“We hope to create that support system for kids here with youth leaders and with the people they know here,” Robb said.

The building was scheduled for a grand opening in October, but because of construction it has been pushed back until January. Construction will probably be done before then, but due to the holidays the church wants to wait, Associate Pastor Beth Bramstedt said.


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