Christian Chapel Academy recycles with TerraCycle


A local group of students helped an international company turn trash into treasure.

Christian Chapel Academy, 3300 S. Providence Road, participated in TerraCycle’s recycle and reuse program. TerraCycle is “in the business of reclamation and innovation when it comes to waste,” said Emily Bradford, a publicist for the company. TerraCycle uses waste to make products such as handbags and computer speakers. For each piece of reused waste, two cents are donated to a charity or school.

“This program was important because we felt like we go through so much,” Christian Chapel Academy faculty member Amy Drage said.

The school benefited from each piece of waste collected. Students collected about 4,700 pieces of trash, which raised about $100 for the school.

“The kids were very excited about the program,” Drage said. “They were really glad to recycle.”

Bradford said the Christian Chapel Academy got involved in TerraCycle’s program because it is a good way to teach kids about recycling and how ordinary trash can be reused.

“Waste is the dirty little thing in the environment that people don’t spend too much time talking about,” she said.


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