Positive behavior is celebrated at Benton Elementary

Positive behavior is celebrated at Benton Elementary



Many schools use consequences  detentions and suspensions to correct bad behavior, but this month Benton Elementary is doing the opposite.

The school celebrates positive approaches with a school-wide celebration.

Students are given incentives — a banner, popcorn or a Benton T-shirt — to foster communal positive behavior.

Bingo cards track behavior. Squares are labeled as topic categories, art or music for example. The aim is to fill each space by demonstrating good behavior within that category at a classroom level.  Other spaces on the card have special labels for teacher’s choice or principal’s choice to make recommendations.

When every space is filled in, principal Troy Hogg surprises the class with a banner, and the students can march around the school chanting, “We did it, we did it!”

“So often students are told what they aren’t doing right,” Hogg said. The positive response gives them the motivation to continue the good behavior.

Every Friday is Spirit Day, and students can wear Benton shirts they earned with the banner.

“It helps build community as a classroom,” said Hogg, “as well as build school spirit.”



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