Columbia College philosophy and peace clubs to host Gandhi film screening


Columbia College philosophy and peace clubs have joined together to host a screening of Gandhi at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 6 in Brown Hall. The film will be a part of a four-hour presentation, including an intermission and free snacks for viewers.

The Philosophy Club has hosted several screenings of films so far this semester and its advisor Dr. Melanie Johnson-Moxley placed the film on the schedule due to an overwhelming interest in the film, she said.

“The funny thing is that I did not have Gandhi included on my original list of films for this fall’s series because I assumed everyone had already seen it,” Johnson-Moxley said.

Gandhi’s life work and philosophy caused philosophy club members to reach out to Columbia College’s Peace Club to partner in hosting the screening.

“Given the themes of Gandhi’s work, it made perfect sense to make this a joint presentation with the Peace Club,” Johnson-Moxley said.

Mohandas Gandhi was the philosophical leader during the Indian Independence movement of the 1920s. His radical concept of non-violent, large-scale civil disobedience has inspired those suffering from oppression worldwide, according to his biography.

The film depicting his life deeply inspired and impacted Moxley-Johnson’s life after her first viewing.

“I always tell my students that this film changed my life.” Moxley-Johnson said. “It had a profound effect on me. It focused my desire to learn about other religious traditions, to learn about India and it led directly to the love of comparative philosophy that I have today.”

The philosophy club hopes that the screen will inspire viewers to question their own views and want to explore concepts presented in the film,  said Charisse Smith, president of the Philosophy Club.

“Films that are well done and based on such great history and people can be quite moving and inspiring,” Smith said. “I think our biggest goal is to share this experience with as many students as possible and then spark some interesting discussions on themes presented by the film.”

View the trailer for the film here.


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