Halloween in Old Southwest



Grant Elementary schoolers, Jonas Likos, 6, Ben Likos, 8, and Jonah, 8, celebrate Halloween.

Tara Harrington, 12, from Gentry, and Daijaneil Beckner, 11, from Lewis are both dressed up as vampires. Ethan Harrington, 10, from Lee, is a skateboarder from Hell.

Troy and Angelle Hall are out trick-or-treating with their son, 2-year-old Huckleberry Hall, dressed up as a fly fisherman.

Violet, 2, Stella, 4, and Charlotte, 4, are out trick-or-treating with Mike Sieli.

Elke Altenburger and Jim Vandyke are out trick-or-treating with their kids, Inga,10 and Per,11. They are dressed up as Snow White and the dwarfs.

Callie, who just turned 7, is out trick-or-treating with Quincie, 5, dressed up as fairies.

Melissa and Shen Baxter-Martins are out with their son, Roan, 11, who is dressed up as kung pao chicken.


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