“Trunk or Treat” Halloween party at Memorial Baptist Church


Seven -year-old Arion Skillman and 18-month-old Jayden Osborn from Paxton Keeley prepared to go to the “Trunk for treat” Halloween party at Memorial Baptist Church.

9-year-old Lucas, 6-year old Lane and 3-year-old Amy Diggs from New Haven Elementary sampled food at the party.

Molly Hammond, 13, from Gentry, dressed up as the Joker.

Naomi Scantlan, 47, Kevin Scantlan, 55, Terry Dykes, 56 and Shelly Dykes, 48, came from Oz.

Ahlajia, 7, Savanna, 7, Lea Johna, 10 and Malik, 8, arrived ready to thrill.

Carter Atkinson, 3, a roaring lion.

3-year-old Jack

Demi Boskelt, 3, Boyche Boskelt, 5, and 10-year-birthday Dolijah Boskelt never missed the Halloween Birthday party. Happy birthday Dolijah!

6-year-old Ashton McFarland from Paxton Keeley and 2-year-old Hadleigh McFarland, waited for the party to start.

Masheana, 11, from New Haven and Nautlca, 9, are ready for the event.

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One response to ““Trunk or Treat” Halloween party at Memorial Baptist Church

  1. Jon Hammond

    Molly Hammond would really appreciate it if everyone knew she was dressed as “The Mad Hatter.” rather than the Joker as the caption implies. Thank you in advance Mr. or Mrs. Editor.

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