Missouri man gives $25,000 donation to 4-H



A long time supporter of Missouri’s 4-H Foundation has continued his support by making a $25,000 donation to the organization.

To ensure that Missourians will be able to take part in many of the organizations programs, Wilkening and his wife, Norma, created the Walter T. and Norma R. Wilkening National 4-H Congress Fund. This fund has been started from the donation given by the Wilkenings to the Foundation.

“They have been supporters for a very long time,” Cheryl Reams, executive director of the Missouri 4-H Foundation said. “They have a very rich history with 4-H and recognizing the value of the program.”

Founded in 1949, the 4-H foundation is a way for youth to learn what it means to give back to their communities and the importance of effective leadership.

One way to learn these skills is through the 4-H National Congress. Representatives from state 4-H come together to discuss the importance of their own communities and the best ways to service them

“One of my early ambitions was to help other boys and girls enjoy the benefits and pleasures of 4-H, including the Congress trip,” Wilkening said in an MU press release.

Like many groups which depend on donations, supporters like Wilkening are becoming increasingly important and even harder to find. To help with this growing program, 4-H has changed the way they deal with donations, allowing some of their donors to defer payments, recognizing the problems that some may be having.

“In the last couple of years people have been a little bit more hesitant, to go ahead and make a commitment for the longer term.” Reams said “I think it may be starting to ease up just a little bit, people are a little bit more confident then they were two years ago”


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