Breaking the Pattern one dress at a time


A family history of breast cancer made the Breaking the Pattern project at Stephens College a little more personal for student Georgia Trimble.

Students, such as Trimble, in the college’s fashion department’s advanced problem solving topics class, design dresses that are breast cancer-themed in order to raise awareness about the issue.

The students have to construct a dress out of “non-fashion” materials that symbolize an idea or tell a story about breast cancer after talking to survivors. The dress must be pink.

Trimble chose to make a dress using men’s neck ties and bubble wrap.

The ties hold together and support the dress while the bubble wrap cushions the body. The support and comfort offered by the garment are representations of a mother’s love, inspired by Trimble’s mother, Daytha, who struggled with breast cancer in 2009.

“Because we kind of have to come up with a story I thought it would be cute to call it ‘Tied Together’ because what it symbolizes is that my mom and I went from kind of casual acquaintances to like really close because I realized how much our relationship mattered and how big of a part of my life she was,” Trimble said.

In the months following her mother’s diagnosis, Trimble supported her through two surgeries and an intense round of radiation that was administered twice a day, every day for a week. Though Trimble’s mother has to go in for check-ups every six months, she has been declared cancer-free.

Trimble’s great-aunts Missy Frink and Sue Yaeger survived breast cancer as well.

The Breaking the Pattern series concluded a month of breast cancer awareness events at Stephens College, including a volleyball “pink-out” game where fans were encouraged to wear pink on Oct. 16 and “Bingo for Breast Cancer” on Oct. 22.

This October was the 25th Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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