Benton Elementary School unites for Red Ribbon Week


As October came to a close, Benton Elementary school students participated in Red Ribbon Week, a period devoted to staying “happy, health, and saying no to drugs.”

Red Ribbon Week is, according to the organization’s website, “the largest drug prevention campaign in the country.”

The school kicked off the Red Ribbon Week festivities with “sock it to drugs” day on Tuesday, where students and teachers wore creative and funky socks, Principal Troy Hogg said.

On Wednesday, students and teachers wore hats in honor of “hats off to healthy choices” day.  According to Hogg this was especially excited to students, because they are not normally allowed to wear them.

On Thursday the students signed a pledge to stay healthy and say no to drugs, and on Friday the students wore red to unite as a school for healthy choices and against drugs. The week closed with the school’s annual fall parties, in which every individual classroom has a party to celebrate the fall holidays.


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