College Park Christian Academy students dress up as Bible characters



The kindergarten and first grade class went all out for Bible character day. From left to right: Zachary Hewitt, Lexi Martin, Nathanial Blackburn, Jackson Crouch, Mia Hill, Chrissy Blackburn, Lane Bales, Mathew Whitacher, Andrew Kelley, Emily Salmons, Ashton Figueiredo and Mary Beth Smith all participated.


Noah and his ark, a giraffe, rainbows, pharaohs, King David and other Bible characters attended class at College Park Christian Academy on Friday, Oct. 29.

For the 15th year, Bible character day gave the students an opportunity to show off their creativity. They were allowed to dress up as a character from the Bible or as an animal.

Not all families like to celebrate Halloween and some parents want to avoid the negative elements of the holiday, but they also know that kids enjoy dressing up, said Principal Sandra Blackburn.

Pamela Sutter, K-1 teacher, said the day keeps kids focusing on the positive things.

“Although some Halloween costumes are really fun and cute, not all are,” she said. “There is nothing scary about Bible character day.”

Kindergartner Mathew Whitacher dressed up as Sampson, and his teacher Pam Sutter dressed up as Mariam.

Not only did the spirit day stray away from ghosts and goblins, but it also provided an opportunity to reinforce Biblical principles.

“Students have to think of Bible stories and favorite people from those stories,” Blackburn said. “So the focus is on something good.”

The energy level was high with the kids excited to show off their costumes and character accessories. Even teachers were thrilled to see how each student would illustrate their character.

“The students in my room love it,” Sutter said. “The week before they all discuss who they are going to be. This morning, they could hardly stay in their seats. They just love dressing up.”

Noah's Ark was the first place winner in the kindergarten and first grade class.

Second grader Haily Erickson dressed up as the pillar of salt from a Bible in which Lot's wife is turned to a salt pillar.

Dressed up as an angel, a cat, King David and Mariam, College Park students won prizes for participation. From left to right: Kaitlyn Tran, second grade; Melody Tobin, third grade; Aaron Sipakati, third grade; and Mila Bales, second grade.


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