Center Point Trunk or Treat brings light to Halloween


Santa Claus came early this year, but not to get a head start on Christmas wish-lists. Instead, he and Mrs. Claus handed out candy at Center Point Church’s Trunk or Treat on Halloween night.

Thirteen cars lined the parking lot outside the church at Providence Road and Vandiver Drive, each decorated with a theme and ready with a bowl candy. Instead of going from door to door, trick-or-treaters went from trunk to trunk.

A hot dog scampered around on a tight leash, and an elephant toddled by. A superhero took down a member of SWAT in the bounce house. The Mario brothers stopped for a snapshot.

Andy Oeth, youth pastor, said Center Point hopes to help change the culture of Halloween by emphasizing the light instead of the dark and spooky. Center Point collaborated with other Columbia churches to create a list of Trunk or Treat times and locations for families.

“If we can get kids going from church to church doing this kind of thing, that would be awesome,” Oeth said. 

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