Pocket of residents objects to bike boulevard

By Abi Getto


Columbia’s first bike boulevard will be the last, if some residents of the Benton-Stephens neighborhood have anything to say about it.  While residents approved the boulevard in the spring, its presence, according to some residents, causes more grief than it’s worth.

The bike boulevard project turned a section of Windsor Street, between College Avenue and Ann Street, into a one-way road.  Both cars and bikes are meant to share the street.

It was implemented by Get About Columbia to promote biking as a green alternative to driving, as well as increase safety for bikers and motorists.

Some oppose the boulevard for practicality reasons.  Other residents say the boulevard is both a waste of money and effort.

Brydan McNeely, 22, objects to the change in traffic patterns.

“I appreciate what they are trying to do for our community to make it greener, but all [the boulevard] does is stop us from turning left onto College,” McNeely said.

“Cars don’t even acknowledge the ‘one way’ sign. It needs to be better enforced or taken out.”

Bob Boxley, a member of the Benton-Stephens neighborhood since 1965, said his biggest gripe in the neighborhood is the cyclists.

“They don’t stop at stop signs,” Boxley said.

Stephens College student Rebecca Selovich saidshe doesn’t see any improvement.

“It didn’t achieve anything.” Selovich said, “People are still turning the wrong way down Windsor, and nothing has really changed.”


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One response to “Pocket of residents objects to bike boulevard

  1. Mary Still

    I use the bike street almost daily. When driving, I am reminded to take an alternative route which is just as easy and leave that road for bike traffic. When biking I enjoy the fact that there is less traffic
    Windsor and that encourages me to bike more often when going downtown. Once I am downtown or my bike I don’t have to worry about parking.

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