Trick-or-treating, trunk to trunk


The sound of “trick-or-treat!” rang out across Faith Baptist Church’s parking lot Wednesday, Oct. 27, as knights, princesses, animals and a few biblical characters went trick-or-treating.

Children going trunk to trunk trick-or-treating at Faith Baptist Church./By CAITLIN WHERLEY

Trunk or Treat, trick-or-treating from car to car, is in its ninth year at Faith Baptist, and the event keeps growing.

“It started out small, for our own kids, but every year it’s grown,” Pastor Joe Kline said.

Besides candy, children and their families enjoyed face painting and balloons, bounce houses, a puppet show and dinner.

Members of Faith Baptist donate their time, food and candy to the event.

“It’s a way for our church to show the love of Christ through generosity,” Kline said.

Andrew Wetter and his children, Max, 5, and Jakob, 9, dressed as Revolutionary men./By CAITLIN WHERLEY


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